Late. Man Singh

Founder – YDF

Mr. Man Singh was a self-made man who started his journey as an entrepreneur in 1950 and built an empire from scratch and founded Metro Tyres. While being a great visionary and a philanthropist at heart, he always led by example. He truly believed that there were no shortcuts to success and only hard work and passion were required. He was involved with charitable work throughout his life and had touched the lives of many. He was very spiritual at heart and an avid reader of literature. He was inspired by Urdu poetry and recorded his journals in Urdu and English. With the view to uplift his surrounding society, Mr. Singh founded Yog Dhyan Foundation in 1983, in his father’s name, which started with funding the development of schools in slums and provided school buses for the children in 1986, Ludhiana. Later he founded Kesar Bai Foundation in 1985, in his mother’s name. He was instrumental in creating opportunities and providing education and employment to hundreds of people.