Yog Dhyan Foundation (YDF) is a registered Indian trust founded in the year 1985. The idea of its existence was conceived and inspired by the philosophy of providing quality life to all.

Mission & Vision


  • We work towards providing health facilities and undertake alternative therapeutic measures to combat the ill effects of type 1 diabetes among children especially belonging to the poverty ridden sections of the society.
  • We build capacities of families having children with type 1 diabetes and attempt to create an enabling environment for children to help vulnerable sections in the society realize their optimum potential leading to improvement in their quality of life.
  • We partner with government ministries; local, national and international organizations to upscale our intervention models and replicate.


A society which is just, egalitarian and democratic where all sections live a life free from disease, hunger and exclusion.

Core Principles

The core principles at YDF guide its vision and mission to help achieve the objective of making the desired change in the lives of children with type 1 diabetes and their families. These core principles are:


YDF works for the development of children with type 1 diabetes and their families. Its mandate is to work with all sections of the society irrespective of caste, class or religion

Non Political

YDF does not endorse and does not hold any affiliation with any political party or group. It is non political in its approach and works in direct contact with the communities


YDF adopts an inclusive approach wherein it attempts to work with all sections of the society requiring intervention


All operations at YDF are transparent and available for referral to all interested individuals and organizations


YDF considers itself accountable to the targeted beneficiaries and accounts to create impact for every rupee sent.


The inception of YDF three decades ago was guided with the mission of empowering diabetic children and their families through effective and perennial access to health services and adequate nutrition. Its genesis was conceptualized in the heart of the country, Delhi where the magnitude of migrant population is overwhelming, most of who are cornered to the periphery unable to access decent services essential for a living.

Recognizing the prevalence of the disease and the daunting need for intervention, YDF came into being to improve the health status of juvenile diabetics through not only improving their access to health services but also combating the ill effects of the disease through providing free yoga classes. Reiterating the need for intervention, YDF, envisages collaborating with donors to expand its outreach and foray into avenues of education and livelihoods. Recognizing that these domains are intertwined, YDF in today’s date envisages for holistic human development.


YDF was registered as an Indian trust in the year 1985. The organization obtained its 12A registration from the Income Tax department the very year. All donations made to YDF are tax exempted under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. The name of the trust changed to ‘Yog Dhyan Foundation’ in the year 2013 vide order dated 25.04.2013 pronounced by the Honorable District and Sessions Judge (North), Rohini Courts, Delhi.


YDF has a team of development professionals working as trainers and mobilizers to take the interventions to the targeted beneficiary group. The executive body envisions and gives directions to the thrust areas in which the organization invests its resources.


YDF adopts a coherent approach in working towards its goal of providing treatment to children with type 1 diabetes. Surging ahead with the target of providing financial and health related support to about 1000 children with type 1 diabetes across the country, YDF moves hand in hand with families.