Mr. Anil Kumar Vedwal
Project Administrator

Anil Kumar Vedwal is a renowned Yoga practitioner and therapist, carrying an experience of over 20 years. He has done M.Sc in Yog and Doctor in Naturopathy and Yog. Anil has marked his immense contribution in the field of yoga for health. He was awarded the best yoga therapist award for the year 2012 and has also received other recognitions for his contribution in the field of study and practice related to yoga. Coupled with yoga is his varied knowledge on naturopathy and physical fitness that gives him an edge over other yoga specialists and practitioners. He carries a rich experience of working with Ministry of Health & welfare, Royal House of Morroco, and Delhi Council for Child Welfare. Currently, he is serving as the chief functionary in Yog Dhyan Foundation, a not for profit initiative entrusted towards ensuring health lives to children diagnosed with type 1 diabetes through yoga and related medical help. Anil, with his expertise in yoga and physical fitness engages actively with such children and their families to bring about a positive change in their lives.