Preventing & Addressing Workplace Sexual Harassment of Women Policy

YDF works with children with T1D and their families in order to promote coping mechanisms and improve mental and emotional well-being. Our counselling camps includes a safe space for the children and their families to share their experiences and get a better-informed understanding on how to cope and care for a child with diabetes. With a team of diabetic educators and specialised doctors visiting our camps twice a month, they provide the necessary information and knowledge to such families. We encourage these families to raise their queries or any doubts they may have.

YDF's Specialized Doctors Support Families Dealing with T1D

English & Hindi Book for Diabetes Education

Virtual Wisdom: 'Look, One Virtual Event' - Where Experts Address Your Medical Concerns!

We also organise a monthly seminar online, ‘Look, One Virtual Event)’ with a panel of specialised doctors and experts, which provides a platform to address the concerns and medical queries of the stakeholders and keep them updated with the latest developments in the field.