The Urgent Need for Support: C.U.R.E's Response

With the COVID-19 pandemic some of the worst hit, both financially and medically, were T1D children and their families. They had to cope with the financial crises that the pandemic created, while being aware that even minor medical issues they developed may get neglected under those circumstances and become major problems. T1DM children and families needed our help more than ever before as these children were already grappling with weakened immunity and the risks associated were doubled. Through C.U.R.E, under-privileged T1D children were given access to good quality medical support at their doorstep, so they would stay safe and isolated from the deadly effects of Covid-19.

YDF ambitiously aim to focus on helping to provide a “C.U.R.E.” (Caring, Uplifting, Recovering, and Empowering) for T1D affected children in India. At its heart, the objective of C.U.R.E. is to holistically enrich the lives of these children by providing adequate medical support and counselling, to eradicate fatalities due to T1D in children in India. YDF aims to achieve this through protocols that are already in place. Through Project C.U.R.E., we have listed the fundamental necessities for each patient to survive and live a fulfilled life, focussing our resources on improving survival and well-being.

Building a Better Future for Underprivileged Children: YDF's Journey

We endeavour to extend the capacity of Project C.U.R.E. in all aspects, to reach out to as many affected under-privileged children as possible. We also aim to further grow the number of people choosing to volunteer, and simultaneously develop our volunteering roles to meet the needs of C.U.R.E. This Project is a long-term capital-intensive initiative. YDF is reliant upon voluntary donations from the public: we receive no government funding. All donations are eligible for tax exemptions under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. Each donation is incredibly important to us. Funds are required for each child from the day they join the YDF family till they become financially independent.

Help us reduce the complications and bring down the fatality curve in T1DM children across India by donating to project C.U.R.E, which will be directed to their medical needs. Together, we can create a healthier and happier future for them! YDF is committed and dedicated to managing and ensuring transparency and accountability while dealing with donations. As a Foundation, it is imperative to us that all donations received, and all the valuable time of volunteers, is utilized in the most efficient and sustainable way, with the end goal of reaching our project aim.