Process Initiation

Identify the Children

In the journey of Yog Dhyan Foundation (YDF), the mission to support children with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM) has gained increased recognition today. Initially, YDF team members would visit hospitals on a regular basis to obtain references for children who had been diagnosed with T1DM. However, the narrative has drastically changed today, with doctors being increasingly proactive with sending their young T1DM patients to YDF. In addition to streamlining the referral process, this move has led to a noticeable rise in the number of doctors supporting our cause and the number of children receiving the help they require. Doctors, as the guardians of health and wellbeing, have not only embraced the objective of YDF but also played a crucial role in its success. They have taken it upon themselves to proactively discover and send young patients with T1DM to YDF, which is a tribute to the Foundation’s services and the urgent need to support these children’s needs. 

Understanding the Challenges

Families experience difficulties that go far beyond medical issues after a child is diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (T1DM). We at YDF are aware that these difficulties range as widely as the families themselves. Each family’s path is different due to a variety of factors, including diverse family sizes, financial limitations, and a lack of understanding of the condition. Our conversations with family members are intended to empathetically explore these difficulties, offering clarity and advice on managing the financial, economic, and emotional problems that come along with T1DM. By comprehending and addressing these complicated issues, we can better equip families to care for their children and handle the challenges of living with T1DM. Understanding every aspect of each family’s circumstance allows us to offer individualized advice that offers clarity, comfort, and a road map for successfully navigating life with T1DM. We believe that by addressing these issues, we enable families to better support their young ones and set off on a path to greater resilience and well-being. 

Diabetes Education

At YDF we provide complete diabetes education. Since we understand how diagnosis affects the entire family, our programs cover a full explanation of diabetes, lifestyle management, medical insights, and the prevention of complications. We stress the crucial part that families play in helping their loved ones, creating a welcoming community, and facilitating access to necessary services. Our goal is to provide families with the information and resources they need to boldly face the difficulties of diabetes and ensure that everyone leads a healthier and happier life. Through our educational initiatives, families gain not only a deep understanding of the different types of diabetes but also insights into effective blood sugar control, dietary choices, and the importance of regular physical activity. We delve into medication and insulin management, ensuring that families are well-equipped to assist their loved ones in adhering to prescribed regimens. Moreover, our programs highlight the critical significance of preventing complications by recognizing potential risks and taking proactive measures. We believe that by educating families about diabetes, we empower them to become active partners in the journey toward better health, fostering a stronger, more informed support system that leads to improved well-being for all members.