YDF's Nutrition Initiative: Fueling T1D Children to Thrive

Nutrition is a fundamental pillar in managing T1DM. However, many families face challenges in accessing adequate nutrition due to poverty and lack of knowledge of proper nutrition. YDF plays a crucial role in bridging the gap and ensures that the children and their families have access to adequate nutrition by providing them with funds to purchase food for the T1D child monthly.

Empowering T1D Children to Thrive with YDF's Nutrition Initiative

 – Food Distribution Programs: In our camps, YDF serves and distributes essential food items along with healthy meals, to the families attending. These camps provide essential food items like milk, grains, pulses, vegetables, and fruits to ensure that families have access to balanced and nutritious meals. In cases where allergies or intolerances are prevalent such as celiac disease, YDF runs supplementary feeding programs. These initiatives offer specialized nutrition for such children to ensure their nutritional needs are met.

 – Nutritional Education: YDF places a strong emphasis on educating families about the importance of nutrition. Through workshops, seminars, and community outreach, with the assistance of dietitians and guest speakers, they teach families about the benefits of a balanced diet, hygienic food preparation, and the nutritional needs of children with T1DM.