Health Carnival


(2022 December 11, Sunday at Satbari Farmhouse, Near Chhattarpur, New Delhi)

No topic is more important than children’s health and this can become crucial when they living with serious conditions (which can even prove threatening disease) such as Type 1 Diabetes (T1D) or Celiac disease, or a combination of the two. Both these conditions are incurable, but the good news is they are manageable with proper care and treatment.

Yog Dhyan Foundation(YDF) is one of the leading Charity Foundations supporting children and young adults with T1D with more than 400 individuals under its wing. We have been providing medical and psychological support with T1D care supplies, diabetes education, and bonding and recreational opportunities since 2009, to make life healthier and easier for them, and reduce the ill effects of T1D.
YDF helps them and their families live an enriching life with T1D.

As part of these efforts, the YDF Health Carnival was held at Satbari Farm on Sunday, 11 December 2023 (10:30 am to 2:30 pm). The Sponsors for the event were Metro Tyres and Rotary Southend Next; it was supported by BeatO, Lotus Foundation, Center for Sight, Ypsomed and Blue Pharmacy.

The event started with free distribution of YDF T-shirts and Caps, followed by light snacks and checkup of blood glucose to ensure that low or high blood glucose did not hinder the children’s enjoyment of the Carnival.
There was a huge stage set up for the quiz contest, dance competitions, Yoga performance and felicitations. The upbeat, joyous YDF Anthem – “ek mauka dena chahiye” – “an opportunity should be given” – was released with an electrifying dance performance. All the children and many parents joined in a group yoga session, which added to the fun. There were plenty of games, a Food Court, and a bouncy castle for the younger kids.
All the children were excited and happy as they enjoyed the games, dance activities, and the snacks and later lunch, in the warm sunshine and open air.
The event was not just fun and games. Blood Checkup, Eye (including Fundus) Checkup, Diet and Diabetes Education, and the monthly distribution of free diabetes supply to the children had also been organised along side.
Many Doctors, Donors and Partners had also been invited. During the event YDF President Mr. Rummy Chhabra, and Vice President Ms. Bindia Chhabra felicitated these guests who are so important to YDF, including Dr. Anju Virmani, Dr. Meena Chhabra, Dr.Nikhil Tandon, Dr.Praveen, Dr.Jyoti Kakkar, Dr. Preeti Singh and Dr. Beena Bansal. They also honoured members of Rotary Southend Next, Beato, Ypsomed, and Center of Sight, recognizing their contributions.
Yog Dhyan Foundation is really thankful to all the dignitaries – Doctors and Donors – who are a part of YDF for so many years. YDF is grateful to Rotary Southend Next and their assurance of support in the coming years. A special thank you to Mr. Gautam Chopra, Founder of BeatO, for support and collaboration with YDF. Without the participation and support of all the Doctors, Donors and Partners, YDF would not have been able to achieve its goals.
Finally, we would like to thank the media team for their continuous contributions and providing us a platform to reach out to the rest of the world.

Yog Dhyan Foundation
New Delhi.